Useful link for people interested in writing short fiction for women's magazines (UK)

This is a useful resource for people interested in writing short fiction - especially flash fiction for women’s magazines.  Whether I have considered magazine submissions or not, the site has certainly prompted some useful ideas for writing exercises.  I hope you find it useful too.

Using creative freedoms responsibly

A recent report into the deaths of mental health patients (Yvonne Roberts, The Guardian, 26/5/12) suggests that in 2010 there were 3,626 deaths in mental health detention in the UK, of which 501 were self-inflicted and that the proportion of deaths recorded from “natural causes” is exceptionally high. Roberts report draws attention to the fact that investigations into such deaths are investigated “in house” by the Health Services involved and unlike deaths in custody investigations do not have to be independent or findings made public.  Doubts are raised in terms of the quality of such investigations and, whether accountability is properly explored.

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Keeping your ear out

Where I come from there is an expression “keeping your ear out” – it is the aural equivalent of keeping ones eyes open.

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Finding the right words

I in a previous blog I wrote about not being sure about how to spell two words and that I had to look them up.   I found myself typing the word ‘nascent’ and had a ‘whoa’ moment. Where did that come from?   I don’t know where I learned the word and what it means or where that particular bit of learning took place.  Then again, I have no recollection of when I first slipped ‘the’ in between ‘want’ ‘book’ when I was a kid or how I learned to create sentences.  However ‘nascent’ entered my vocabulary I am glad did though because it was the perfect word for that bit of my text.

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Finding the time to write

Some years ago before I discovered the joy of story telling, I teased a friend about her habit of getting up every day at 5:30 to write and asked how on earth she could resist the lure of the warm bed on a dark winter morning.  She said “when people ask me why, I say I don”t understand the question: not writing to me would feel like not breathing”.

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