Back doors, research and new skills

Bernard Cornwell writing about his crime stories said he spends his life putting believable back doors into inescapable places and I found one today in my book.  In a top security environment lighters, matches and flame throwers tend to be closely guarded, and none I have been (for work related reasons I hasten to add) have been pebble-dashed with flints either.  I need fire… will that work????  I have found a way to make fire without any of the usual gubbins. I won’t plot spoil but it involves pan scourers! A kind of devilish Blue Peter moment will occur in the book.

Should I ever fancy a foray away from cakes as my recipe for a good time, I also now know more about how to have an allegedly good time with other alleged forms of self amusement though it has to be said, in my book they turns out not to result in such a good time.  Of course.

Frustratingly a snippet short of 25k words. In the words of the song, tomorrow tomorrow…..