Bingo legs and haemorrhage of energy

Its been a tough couple of days and I have only achieved about three or four thousand words.  This is fatigue related rather than knowing what to write. What to write is waiting quietly but a bit impatiently in my head ready to leave via my fingers and keyboard. The trouble is, so are a lot of work related words and keyboard visits. Children, get into line! Tsk.

I have decided to have a bit of a push at the weekend and get an additional 6-8 thousand words done. To professional writers that probably sounds weedy but its my only free time so it is some evidence of how much I am actually enjoying this that I am prepared to give up so much of my precious time with my missus to do it.  Last leg (well, of the first draft anyway) approaching.

I had to check out traditional bingo callers number calls  - ‘both the ones’, not ‘one and one’, for ‘legs eleven’ and although I can usually spell quite well (donkeys years of reading vast quantities of pages rather than any actual effort on my part) I had to look up two words today - ‘haemorrhage’ and  ’exhanguation’ but to be fair to me, they are not the kinds of words I write every day….. Research for a novel takes a person in all kinds of strange directions.  Much more interesting than academic research that’s for sure.

37406 words done so far.