Boundary issues

Cath, my partner does not read the genre of books I read, which happens, oddly enough, to be the same genre I am writing - the psychological crime thriller.  Cat and mouse, closed environment with absolutely no back doors and smoking guns type of thing.  It is grimly horrible in parts in homage to the likes of Val McD. Cath read one particular passage and said she couldn’t get it out of her head. She wished she hadn’t read it. I smiled - yey!  I am getting it right,  Or am I?  I am nervous now about letting others read it in case they think I am, a psycho (or for the pedantic, a person with anti social behaviour disorder).  Where are the boundaries in this sort of writing?  What is chilling but accurate and what is beyond the pale and just plain unpleasant? I wish Val was my pal so I could ask her.  Actually, I just wish Val was my pal as I am a bit of a groupie. Going to spend the weekend with a firestarter….. so this blog may be thin for a day or two.

Currently at 16086 words and pleased with that.