Count down

Tomorrow is writing day one and a scary day. I think I have the prologue and at least part of chapter one in my head already but will this translate to 2-3 thousand words or will I end up writing a few sentences and then get stuck?  I guess I will know tomorrow.

A few writers have told of how their characters surprised them by taking the story and running with it, the character leading and the author typing. Alice Walker, speaks of The Colour Purple being sent to her by her ancestors and describes herself as a conduit rather than the author.  Last night, when asleep a whole stack of ideas about my main character came to me - I now know how she came to be in the job she is in  in this book, her previous jobs, her training, and her whole back story.  This is such an extraordinary experience - I wonder why I have never given my imagination permission to just create before.  That being said, I was tired out this morning and wonder if I spent too much time with ‘Jess’ last night!

Today, of all days, is not the day to become MS (pain) symptomatic but that’s what has happened. I hurt a lot and feel exhausted beyond measure.  If that reads like a get-out clause… well, its the exact opposite.  The MS has already had more than I wanted it to have and its not bloody having this adventure!

From tomorrow, the book will be my writing priority but I hope to continue to diary the process.

Wish me luck - I know I am going to need it!