Feel free to tell me I am fabulous!

I did it.  Tonight I crossed the 50 thousand word challenge finish line.  Yup siree, thats 50 thousand words, completely and genuinely starting from scratch on the 1st November and way before the final date of the challenge which is 30th November.  (It was actually 51k to ‘the end’ - I feel as if there should be a ‘ta daaa’ there).

An average published paperback has around 70k words so my first draft has a way to go yet but 50k was the NaNoWriMo count required to be a winner of the challenge for two reasons; firstly it was the length of the book that the founder wrote and had accepted by a publisher after establishing and actually doing the very first ‘novel in a month’ challenge amongst a group of his friends in San Fran.  Secondly, he reckons this count is just about achievable in that space of time for people who work at it tenaciously and don’t get the flu. I did and I didn’t.

More than the word count though, it is a story and a good one if I say so myself, it has a beginning, middle and end, and some strong characters.  It is fifty thousand words of something to build upon and I now am sure I will do something more with it.

I also have an idea for the next one and even some first lines of the prologue!  Keen or what?

Tomorrow will probably be the last blog. Not quite sure, but it had always been my intention to use this just to document the process and the learning.  I might be quite sad to let it go!  However, I have another pressing project now to take forward….more on this tomorrow.

yey to me.