Genre magna carta

I read and analyse a lot of very important worthy documents for a living.  When I read for pleasure I read trash - well written trash but the awards tend to be ‘scariest horrid scene’ rather than Orange.  The founder of NaNoWiMo, Chris Baty suggests that everyone taking the challenge should consider their own ‘Magna Carta’ - what to me, makes a good novel?  The genre I have chosen is the psychological thriller.  In prep for the writing month of November I am thinking about what my story has to be - and what it mustn’t be.   Thinking about this brings to mind a woman I share books with - we love the trash psycho-thriller genre but we both have some wants of our reads and one of them is that the protagonists must be truly insane and unspeakably unpleasant.  ZW, I will try not to disappoint.  I absolutely promise no weighty moral themes set in Tudor England.