How would you describe fireworks?

I wrote a couple of posts ago about not being sure about how to spell two words and that I had to look them up. Conversely, whilst typing today I found myself typing the word ‘nascent’ and had a ‘whoa’ moment. Where did that come from? I don’t know where I learned the word and what it means or where that particular bit of learning took place. Then again, I have no recollection of when I first slipped ‘the’ in between ‘want’ ‘book’ when I was a kid or how I learned to create sentences. However ‘nascent’ entered my vocabulary I am glad did though because it was the perfect word for that bit of my text. Focus on individual words had been a bit of a joy of this book and I guess that is where the craft comes in. Some writers have such a gift for it - Gibson comes to mind. If anyone fancies an exercise in finding the right words, try describing a firework display in a meaningful way that is not repetitive or hammy but does capture the magic - the exercise includes the caveat that the text must be between 180-200 words. I used the expression ‘willowy brocades’ in mine and I was quite chuffed with that.
Sometimes words have alluded me for ages and I have picked one that would do for now. Invariably the right one has come to me later - in bed, in the shower, having a pee and then I have rushed back to exchange it. It is not easy to find a single word and a reminder to myself, learn how to use the search function in word. I think this will be handy when I go back to change the names. At other times I have wondered if Alzheimers was creeping in. Not only could I not find the word I couldn’t even find one close to it. There was a particular word eluding me today which kept coming into my head as ‘recindual’ - no such word of course. Still got some highlighted asterisks in that part of the text ready for when the damn word comes out of hiding (I don’t mean rescind, recede, or residual - what the hell is the word I am grappling for?).
I have never spent so much time really thinking closely and carefully about words and the capacity and power of them. Sorting them, curling them round and stretching them out. Its been a delight.

I am on the last stretch in relation to word count but more of the story to tell so although I expect to hit the required word count tomorrow, or perhaps the next day, the first draft wont be finished until the end of the week.
46575 words, Way to go me.