Ideas blown away

Living in a coastal and exposed area means storms are a regular part of my life.  You might think that I am de-sensitised to them by now but the opposite is true, they scare me terribly.  Today it was a hooley (still is) and we lost another window to the wind. This time the car so not as bad as when its the house but maybe there is something about real anxiety that makes pretend seem neither realistic enough or especially enjoyable to write.  That perhaps explains why my word count today was a struggle and I only managed just over a thousand. I also had that creeping anxiety that I was going to run out of words.  So, from the pep talks posted on the NaNoWriMo website this sounds like a fairly usual sort of place for NaNos to be going into the second week. Just perhaps a bit more windy.

On the up side, I am over half way there.