Imaginary friends

Today I needed to be in London all day.  At my meeting a colleague asked if I had ever gotten round to that novel writing thing. I said I had. He asked ‘so have you made up characters and stuff’.  I told him I now had a huge number of imaginary friends and I would rather be playing with them than be at the meeting.  It was true. I have been thinking about plot all day (funnily enough, much more interesting than workload modelling) and perhaps because I couldn’t do any writing during my best writing hours of 6-9am (because of travelling to London) my mind was free to work on more detail about what is going to happen in whats left of the book.  I know roughly what is going to happen and I am going to get out of the way and let my imagination write it.  Exciting and still fun.

On the train home a chap was typing on a Mac book and listening to tunes on his Iphone. Every now and again, for over an hour he whistled three notes.  Doh-ray-me.  That’s all - just those three notes, and at a range of spaces over an hour and a half. He didn’t know he was doing it.  I noticed it and expect it will find a way into a book at some point.

I also found, hidden away in my head, the first line of my next book.

So, it was an unexpectedly productive day.  I also managed to write another couple of thousand words this evening.  Current word count 22122.  Nearly half way!  Better get on with the next mysterious demise of a patient…