It’s been a weekend of useful lessons. The first one is about basing characters on friends. Somebody asked to be a character in my book but, not surprisingly given that it’s set in a top security psychiatric hospital she is no longer sure she wants to be! Fortunately she is perhaps a character to warm to, but I hear the internal editor trying to come a calling so I don’t say the wrong thing so lesson number one, don’t agree to base characters on friends. Well, don’t tell them about it anyway!

Second was a lovely lesson. I have always known that I could spin a yarn but I absolutely believed that I couldn’t make stories. I had no imagination. Since starting the challenge I have found that I can’t stop creating mini stories. I have been word painting scenes so much it’s been great fun. They are only mini stories but if I could tie them all together I might have a book. So, from a NaNoWriMo perspective, success already. That’s what they hope the challenge stimulates.

I also learned to that my niece is even more fabulous at nine than she was at eight. Thanks for sharing your birthday with us lovely.