Let's have a party!

Today I started setting up the final scene of the novel.  I have the last, say 5k words very clear in my head and they feature fireworks and a party - both deliciously excellent for a bit of chaos.   Not sure how I word-stroll towards that but unexpectedly today introduced a different perspective - a documentary film crew!  Blimey, where did they come from?  I introduced a level of complication I could do without but hey, what the heck, its a party! Come on in.

I have decided to work towards a target of 6k words this weekend.  Completing a big chunk will then free me up and take the pressure off savouring the final couple of thousand. I want to relish that ‘the end’ moment and I might just have a party myself at that point.

For now though, its Friday and a take away meal with my missus. 42102 words at last count and in the words of the fine Nina, I am feeling good.