The lure of the edit and back up yonder

Don’t do it!  Absolutely don’t do it. NaNoites have clocked up well over million words so far this November so it is reasonable to assume that the advice on the NaNoWriMo site is sage.  There is no rational reason therefore why I should have decided to ignore it and therein lay folly. I edited a section. I knew when I was writing it that I had rushed. I wanted to get onto the next bit of the story so I positively romped through an important section and not surprisingly the pace was wrong and the whole thing was flat and one dimensional so I decided to add more. I knew what and where so it was simply a case of going back - wasn’t it?  It took me two and a half hours to add less than a thousand words.  Adding a few hundred meant deleting others.  Some added bits didn’t accord with passages later in the text so they needed to be amended. It was a nightmare and although I am in front of where I had generally planned to be in the month, I am behind for this weekend and I am cross with myself for not just taking some notes and going back later - when the NaNo month is up.  Lesson learned!

On the back of being such a dumb-ass, I did heed the other bit of advice from NaNo today:  BACK UP. Its officially NaNo back up day to prevent a whole swimming pool of the tears they have come to expect during the challenge.  I saved a copy all over the place, including in my hotmail account out there in cloud land.  I would eat my own arm if I lost it all now so I didn’t ignore that piece of advice.

On a completely different subject I discovered that I have two followers in Alaska!  How completely mental is that?  I don’t know how (and if you are reading this, I love that you stopped by, please do drop in again, say hello).  I am a bit ashamed to admit that when my stats map showed that I had two hits from a particular bit of the globe, I had to look it up.  One from near Anchorage and the other (the same person from a different computer??) a significant distance away but the name wasn’t clear on the map I looked at.  In honour of the visitor from Alaska I am going to try to build reference to it into the book.  Inspiration everywhere.

Word count is now 32356.  65% completed.  Yey!