Making it up as I am going along.. erm

An old friend of mine from way back when (Nicola Griffith - look her up, she has a web page and a blog) is now a very successful multi award winning author. Today she wrote on her blog page that she had 746 pages and 158 thousand words of her next book done.  Blimey. In fact, I am so astounded at those figures I need to say that again, blimey!!!

I am on page, 60 ish and have now hit 35 thousand words so am ahead of schedule but its been a slog for a couple of days. The end of the ‘book’ is looming and I know I have a lot of word count there and I am clear about what is in it but I am still struggling with where I am at with it now. Its hit a lull or a gap and I am fishing around in it just randomly making things up till I get to a point where I can start the last leg of this draft of the journey (oh gawd that sound like an ex-factor act).  I cannot imagine 158 thousand words but I can imagine fifty and despite the fishing around I know I will get to the golden fifty thousand words.