Nice vampires and writing for Dad

I went to the first (2010) meeting of the Brighton and Hove NaNoWriMo group last night. One writer said he had intended to write about vampires but a) they were all over the place right now and b) current film and tv vampires were so damn nice.  _He pointed out, his voice cracking with emotion, vampires were _supposed to be unpleasant and frightening rather than local teen hero that all the girls want to swoon for.  ”Vampires” said the nanoite, “just aren’t what they are supposed to be” and he didn’t want any part of that.  I don’t think I have ever been to a gathering where I have considered the appropriate and otherwise, personality traits of vampires and for that reason alone, I am sure I will be at future meetings through the month of November.

Also, it is rare that the words ‘vampire’ and ‘my Dad’ feature in closely related sentences but they did last night.  After lamenting the modern evolution of the vampire we turned to the subject of our internal editor.  It is advised that for the purpose of achieving the 50k words in a month one must forget editing and quality and instead focus on quantity.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a quick scan of a Tess Gerritson novel to check out how many people interacted in a chapter.  It happened to be a chapter with a particularly effective and utterly gruesome scene and whilst I was fawning just a bit over how well she had written it, I realised that I couldn’t possibly write such stuff cos my Dad would be so disappointed with me.  My Dad is my internal editor!  My much loved Dad has over the years learned to cope with words I have shoehorned into his routine vocabulary - such as ‘lesbian’ and ‘vegetarian’ but it would be a step too far to expect him to cope with me using words like ‘fuck’.  Asking my internal editor to kindly leave the room whilst I get text nasty is going to be one of my personal challenges and I just hope it doesn’t think I am being rude.

PS sorry for using the f word Dad.