Nocturnal visit by the dastardly count of word

So the actual writing start date of 1st November draws irrevocably nearer and I woke in a sweat about this at 5am today.  I know the very first line I will write - ‘The blood was too red’ - but after that I will be flying on my imagination (the ‘wing’ of my title??) and I don’t actually know if I have one. The good thing about having the NaNoWriMo start and end deadlines is that once one has signed up, all those I-will-write-a-novel-one-day thoughts need to be corralled and shaped and pulled into some kind of form.  That’s been the fun and exciting part but from Monday I need to fill in the spaces in between and therein lay both imagination and the writers craft I so admire in others.  Its funny that such a dainty, delicate, refined space suddenly feels canyon like and intimidating.

I have set myself a target of a minimum of 2k words a day - it needs to be more really because November is a very busy month work-wise.  I simply wont be able to write every day and inevitably I won’t want to write on other days so 2k really isn’t enough. I should be aiming for three - but three thousand words every day in my ‘spare’ time….!   Missing just two days of writing is enough to jeopardise the whole project so I need to find the self discipline I am not renowned for.  At 5am this morning I woke wondering ‘what on earth have I done?’ and I am guessing I won’t be the only Nanoite thinking the same today.

It was completely lovely getting a card from my Aunt today wishing me success on my journey.