OK, so a couple of excerpts from the novel... enjoy.

My word count is now at 10k, 3k of which was written today. I am pleased to be ahead of my target but as sitting doing nothing but thinking is all I have been capable of for a few days, I guess you could say I have had it easy and that’s not many words at all. Back to work tomorrow and I am still suffering from chronic fatigue so inevitably the word count will slow.  

It has not been difficult finding words - though it has been a challenge to find the first word.  I am it seems, an expert in procrastination and again started to actually write, four hours after I intended to.  The internet is full of wonder…..

I am aware that I am describing an awful lot, have waaay too many characters and don’t have the right pace but I am enjoying it and am fairly sure already this wont be my last venture into fiction writing.  I am having fun and this will be good practice.

Below are a couple of snippets as requested.  They are not the gory bits or the bits I like best (and think I have written best) but this is being posted on the internet and I am a bit weirded out by posting those passages so if you want to read them, you will need to wait to read the printed version!  Feel free to give any feedback at all, but don’t be too harsh, I am an amateur!  (and a little bit poorly)

The novel is set in a top security special hospital.

Jess is the lead character and she arrives at the hospital for her first day…..

“My name is Jess Isaacs and I am starting work here today. I was told to ask for John Morello who is expecting me”.

Jess was invited to take a seat and wait. On the walls of the reception room were large display boards documenting the history of Hilgram Lodge. Jess already knew that Hilgram Lodge had been built by one of the first industrialist to make money from coal in the early 1800”s and that soon after it was built he gambled away the house which fell into decline. The house was bought in 1867 by a progressive philanthropist to house “societies unfortunates”, “idiots” and “mentally subnormal people”. It became the modern hospital it was from 1912 when it linked up to two other similar hospitals. These three asylums evolved over the years and became top security psychiatric hospitals which housed the most dangerous and deadly, and some would say evil people in the country.

Later Jess goes to meet the most senior manager of the hospital, who later it turns out is not quite as kindly as she first seems….

Sheila Margoleyes was a cosy, bosomy, cuddly sort of woman with an inviting  kindliness to her. She had a what was once called a shampoo and set hairstyle, small blue twinkly eyes, sensible flat laced shoes on the end of thick sturdy ankles and wore her tailored gray skirt suit with Queen mum broach awkwardly. It was not a good fit but had clearly been bought in deference to and part of her role as in fact, the head of the hospital. Sheila had been brought into the hospital as the new General Manager after a TV expose of poor treatment had been aired. The manure had hit the fan at that point. The previous General Manager and Chairman had been rapidly pensioned off and serious moves to close the hospital had only been quietened by the threat further loss of 2000 jobs to the local community being politically unacceptable. The lack of suitable other accommodation for the patients was another issue. The fact was, no-one wanted the hospital residents in their back yard so the hospital survived by the skin of it”s teeth with a number of staff being sacked, some lost their licence to practice as nurses, a couple of criminal charges of sexual assault on patients were brought but quietly disappeared. Remembering this helped Jess to understand the hostility she had so far faced. She had been on TV: she was “one of them”.

“We are pleased you decided to accept the position Jess”, said Sheila in her warm Yorkshire brogue.