Playing with a ball of wool

Years ago I knew a comedy writer who described his periods of procrastination as ‘playing with a ball of wool’.  I was a champion at it this morning. I was ready to type as soon as I woke up but I didn’t feel so good and was feeling sorry for myself, I had a couple of on-line scrabble games to take moves on, I wanted to catch up on Facebook and some reading, and I had to order some sick-bed PJ’s from Next on line (an essential task obviously) and I didn’t write a word till much, much later in the day - and then, I didn’t want to.  When I started writing though, the pain (MS pain) was ignorable and I managed way in excess of my planned word count for today. Whilst this is great I know that I wont be able to maintain this pace for the whole month - work will be a competing demand and the lure of lazy will call often I am sure.

The real story started today. My main character arrived at the location of the story.  I see the location in my minds eye and am describing it as I go along, but is it too much description?  For NaNo it doesn’t matter, the description of a wall could give a good 200 additional word count but for a real story, should I decide to try to make this into one, I am guessing the description will need to be edited. Also, I am seeing a place in my minds eye but is my description painting a story for potential readers? I realised today the importance of my sketched map as the main character needed to go from A to B in the story and I had to work out, in a locked environment, how.  The characters - importants and incidentals are starting to appear, but are they too obvious and/or wooden? Are there too many already?  is there too much dialogue?

In a way, it doesn’t matter. This is a bit of a game and a personal harmless challenge but the draw, possibly for a large number of people who take the challenge is that it just might turn into something else and I am feeling the draw of that already. 

Caf, my partner suggested that I put up a few lines of text every day to give a flavour of what I am writing.   I had thought that was a great idea and had intended to start that today.  Now though I am having a crisis of confidence and will think about that a little more!