Second winds

Its been a bit of a rough few days. I struggled with word count and everything seemed all over the place.  Today though it was as if my brain decided it all did actually make sense and I flew through the writing hours I had (6-9am and 5:30- 6:30 pm) and literally thousands of words came tumbling out. If I hadn’t have needed to do my paid work in the hours in between I think I might still be going. As it is, twelve hours looking at a screen and typing on the keys is really enough for anyone and I am going to call it a day. I have notes to kick start tomorrow.  Now I absolutely know something I didn’t (with absolute conviction) know yesterday: I will finish and I will have (more than ) enough words. I think the lesson has been, to steal a phrase from Nike, JUST DO IT.  Just write. Write and write and write.  I know its simple enough and we have all heard it but y’know, it works.  Who knew? NaNo advises nanites to imagine themselves getting from one place to another, to non-novelist to novelist (novelist, moi? pretentious? who cares!), from ten thousand words to eleven thousand words.  This is also good advice.  I have absolutely loved imagining the big 50k - and secretly perhaps loved imagining me and Val McDermid chewing the fat at some book launch or other we are both speaking at. What harm can it do?  I know she loves my work…. :)

I am at 41k words, yey.  More importantly I know exactly where it is going and what happens next. Good place to be.

I need to banish the computer from my life for this evening before my eyeballs melt. Happy bunny today.