So much to think about

Cath asked me today - “where is it set?”.  I know it is in a ‘based on real life’ setting (a special hospital) but is it set in the gritty north or the fluffy south?  Is is in a sort’ve made up geography, a real life geography or a mixture of both. They each have their pro’s and con’s:  When I read Peter James I visualise the journey his characters make as they make their way round the parts of Brighton I know - sometimes I am so preoccupied with picturing the police station or the cliff path round the back of Asda that I lose the story.  When I read a Dan Brown novel I became aware that his ‘nearly’ geography wasn’t actually accurate and I found it equally as distracting.  Some authors create environments which are based on, for example, a place not unlike Glasgow or Manchester but these sometimes have a lack of depth and are missing the fine detail.  So, where is it set…..?