Very quick update

Back at work today so had to grab a couple of hours at 7am and an hour or two after work.  It been a long first day back and I need to take care with that. Not surprisingly I am  a bit brain fried so today’s post is brief.  I have now written 14,387 words. I am quite pleased with that and I am learning so much it is better than any course could possibly be.  I can see the faults so clearly but I also see that actually, I can tell a story. I had always hoped this to be true but didn’t really know. Its nice to learn something new about oneself.

Cath read a few pages yesterday and paled at a gory bit. I think I may be getting it right. I will know for sure when I ask my mate ZW to read it. If she likes it, I’ve cracked the genre!

Next time I write, perhaps a little about motives for doing the challenge…. we’ll see.  In the mean time, I am absolutely shattered and am away to my bed!