Word count worry

I took a days leave from work which gave me an alleged ‘extra’ 7 hours to write. In fact, what with all the incredibly important other things I had to do such as facebook, stroking the cat, watching the weather forecast and visiting the fridge I only managed five hours writing.  I am past the thirty thousand mark (without thinking I actually wrote ‘thousand’ there rather than 30k, such is the influence of the ‘word count is everything’ NaNo mantra!).  My eyes are dry and my wrists hurt.

I am bordering on the edge of very slight anxiety that I will run out of words.  Apparently this is completely usual for NaNites and to be expected and not fretted about. I am fretting a bit.  So, taking the sage advice of other NaNites I had the option of a dream sequence - these are dull enough when friends regale me so I didn’t want that, a weather sequence - hmmm, I seem to have talked about little else to absolutely everyone, including the cats and dogs (insert joke here) for more than 24 hours so that one isn’t going to work, or the romance.  I’ve gone for that. I have discovered that I am so completely rubbish at writing romance (the smell of tropical coconut shampoo on hair anyone?) that this needs to be edited out as soon as!  It made me laugh though and I guess after five hours of eyeball screen burn that is no bad thing. Takeaway night tonight for a reward.  I wonder if I should change the tropical coconut for a waft of tarka dall?