Finding the time to write

Some years ago before I discovered the joy of story telling, I teased a friend about her habit of getting up every day at 5:30 to write and asked how on earth she could resist the lure of the warm bed on a dark winter morning.  She said “when people ask me why, I say I don”t understand the question: not writing to me would feel like not breathing”.

For the past few days I have been busy preparing to move homes.  As anyone who has packed up a house will testify, it is exhausting and seemingly endless work.  My partner has worked equally hard and I haven”t felt able to take time out to, y”know, write words which might not even see light of day in a published manuscript.  It felt like a selfish and unfair act to prioritise writing over household practicalities and like the friend from years ago I feel the breath being sucked from me.  Somewhere over on the horizon I see hundreds of lovely, delicious words running away from me, and I am irritable and itchy to corral them back onto my pages.

I have realised that it isn”t about finding time but about making time to write. I have been trying to fit in my writing around my planned schedule but I need to make my writing a part of that schedule.  It is about giving writing the same importance as other aspects my working day.  If writing is important to me I need to prioritise it and make choices in relation to it.  The fixed immovables will stay but perhaps I choose to get up earlier, or forgo the TV, or even use the hour usually taken for bedtime reading for writing instead. Sure, the writing may not be such good quality but at least it is words, on a page, and when diary has cleared a little, who knows, they may be something to build on.