Life sometimes throws curveballs. Unfortunately a number of events coincided which has impacted upon my ability to post more Shadow of the Wing podcasts.

As a devotee of podcasts myself I know how completely frustrating it is when no new episodes are posted without explanation. I am sorry to those following Shadow that there have been delays in posting new content. I want to explain why and hope that you will remain patient.

Firstly my sound producers (big shout out to Bill and Lu) discovered a problem with the quality of the last episode. Together we decided not to put it out as we did not think it was good enough. So, it was scrapped and we diaried in time to do the next recordings. However, curveball two arrived in the shape of a very bad strep throat which resulted in a voice like a cigar smoking, gravel eating, underwater cartoon character. It was painful and has made it impossible to do recordings for nearly 3 weeks. Curveball three arrived in the form of two writing deadlines brought forward which needed to be prioritised as they are related to paid work rather than the hobby that is my podcast. Finally, both my producers and I are about to go on two week vacations.

So, unfortunately there will be a delay in posting new content. To make up for this, we have agreed to upload a number of podcasts as soon as we can after the vacations.

Doing a podcast has been a learning experience for me. With hindsight I should have recorded them all before they were released in a scheduled way but having not done one before, I didn’t know this. I do now.

I appreciate your continuing support, understanding and patience.

Best wishes

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