I am humbled and grateful for the surprising number of emails I have received over the past few weeks asking when/if I intend to turn my podcast script for Shadow of the Wing into an actual published book. I promised I would – and I also said I had a sequel in the wings. Both of these things remain true but things happen…

Two literally life changing events have happened in the past year. They are unconnected and yet they have the compound effect of significantly shifting my emotional involvement with writing – in particular, with crime writing.

I have written about the first event elsewhere. To summarise, I attended a crime writers event, bought dozens of books, binge read them all over a very short period of time and found, firstly, that many of them were not very good and secondly that almost all of them involved harm to women who were the predominant victims, almost all portrayed as weak/culpable/impressionable/complicit/deserving of their usually gruesome fate. I was genred out and disturbed by the (concentrated) dominant narrative of violence against women. I also decided to invest a lot more energy into my own writing craft (hence the blog referred to below).

Secondly, my family lost a much-loved member to cancer. In the midst of our loss, I had no desire to engage with the darkness of crime.

I began two new, and for me different, writing projects.

The first is a literary blog which can be found at the link above. The blog post reviews twice a month – one a review of a book, the other of a literary event. The blog is attracting positive engagement and I am grateful for it.

The second is an ‘up-lit’ novel. This is a genre right out of my usual writing comfort zone but it is going well and I am enjoying writing. Because I made a promise, this is going to full, complete draft and with the intention to get an agent and have it published so work-in-progress won’t be posted.

I have had the pleasure of having a flash fiction piece published ‘Mis en Scene’ in an anthology– a link to this is below.

I am also writing a couple of essays which I intend to publish and ‘Shadow’ is still very much on my ‘to-do’ list.

The Brighton Prize 2018: Stories from Rattle Tales, E. Rowe and E. Mettler available via Amazon