Episode 15: The cutting edge...

This episode touches upon the distressing act of deliberate self harming. Self harming can take many forms and people who are compelled as an aspect of their condition, to self harm may be quite secretive about doing so whether this be hiding the number of calories eaten, finding covered places on the body to cut, or the pulling out of hair from patches that can be hidden by careful styling.

In high security environments self harming can be to an extreme degree rarely seen even by the most experienced community based mental health professional. It can involve long cuts through flesh and down to bone which may generate a type of euphoria for the patients but can of course result in life threatening injury. There can be kudos generated by those who commit acts of extreme self harm – and envious rage from those who feel that their crown as the ‘best’ cutter has been taken. Not surprisingly, very great care is taken to ensure that sharp objects are kept away from patients but mistakes do happen with terrible consequences.

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