Episode 16: A night of fun...

This episode describes an important annual social event for patients. Social events are incredibly important for patients who may be in a hospital such of Hilgram because of their journey through the criminal justice system, still have a legal, and therapeutically proper, right to social interaction. Social events enable people on their road to recovery and facilitate social skill development alongside being much needed fun.

Large scale hospital social events which are much enjoyed and looked forward to by patients but are something of a challenge. A great deal of risk management goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the level and of risk to other patients and to staff is carefully understood so that the correct level of care and supervision can be put in place. This benefits everyone in the hospital and keeps people safe.

However, visitors to the hospital may not fully appreciate that a small error of judgement or a bending of the rules could in fact, lead to potentially catastrophic consequences….

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