Episode 5: Meet the patients

In this episode of Shadow of the Wing we begin to meet the patients – Katie-Mae, a serial arsonist. Few empirical studies of serial arsonists exist and fewer still are likely to be about women. The largest body of research to look at arson was done by, predictably, the Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI. Their study proposed six motives for arson, one of which is stimulation. Such arsonists have an almost fetishistic love of fire scenes and will hang around watching fires they have set, they may develop relationships with fire fighters or indeed, become a fire fighter themselves. Katie-Mae herself recognises that incarceration keeps her out of trouble, or at least… that is the theory…

We also meet Terri. Terri, like the majority of women in Special Hospitals, has experience of sexual and physical abuse during childhood and, as we will come to hear, has been classified as having a personality disorder and detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act for her crimes. Also not unusually in such environments where sociopathy is the norm, Terri is staggeringly bright and commands both fear and respect from staff and patients alike. She is not happy to be in the PTU and will stop at nothing to get out of the unit.

We learn that Jess and Terri have met before, and that they have something important in common, something their shared foe Karl Langley, will use to his advantage.

As we start to get to know some of the key characters in the story, there is a terrible incident on the ward with repercussions that will have far reaching consequences for all concerned.

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