Episode 6: Suspicions are aroused

Clearly Shadow is a work of fiction so how serious incidents in secure environments are managed is not discussed in detail. However, there are procedures regulated under either policy or statute. Key drivers of such procedures are to enable patient safety and to learn from incidents. Those in health services of course support such drivers, but it is fair to say that many will dread the investigation into a serious incident because everyone and everything will be under scrutiny.

In top security hospitals, scrutiny has an additional political element so it would not be surprising if efforts were made to minimise discussion. However, since the 1980’s the patient voice has increasingly been raised as an important contribution to scrutiny. Patients’ Councils are in place in special hospital environments often supported by an employed co-ordinator or by the hospital social work teams. The Council at Hilgram has an interesting and perceptive chair – who makes a startling suggestion to Jess…

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