Episode 7: How persuadable are you?

A great many motivational blogs and articles and even more advertisements for goods we may or may not need depend on us being persuadable. In the first instance we are actively encouraged to take actions to enhance some element of our lives whether that is health, fitness or lifestyle. Moreover, we are encouraged to learn the art of self persuasion – to develop personal mantras which, it is argued, will over time encourage us to think differently.

Advertisers depend on you being persuadable. They tell us you really do need that newer version of the phone so that you will look cool, or the new sofa that will make you the envy of your neighbours. Each persuader will employ a combination of words, images and actions to encourage a change in your perception of the world and of yourself in it. Mostly we are influenced in benign ways but can powers of persuasion be used to manipulate a person towards a deadly outcome? Could you be manipulated as Peter was?

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