Flash fiction 2 - in the style of those summer reading women's mags

Because I have been a bit out of the loop of writing regularly I decided to do a few writing exercises.  For this one I chose to do a flash fiction in the style of those mags that come out every summer - light beach reading for many.  Anyway, here it is, enjoy.

She had done it.  There it was, a vast sum of money taken forever to save, tucked away in the bank account set up in her maiden name away from prying eyes.  It started with the scratch card – wining the five thousand pounds put the idea into her head. It had been hard keeping the win secret too but it was much more difficult keeping her plans since hidden. It took a long time to save because she had to be careful not to give the game away but eventually bit by bit week by week the five thousand was added to until she had enough. It was a tidy sum.  No-one but her knew it was there especially not Carl – he didn’t suspect a thing.  This money was going to change her life.

He was a lovely bloke, as handsome as he was seven years ago when they married, and still so affectionate and caring but he could be a bit dim sometimes – oblivious to anything but football and the team.  She couldn’t help but feeling a bit disappointed that he hadn’t even noticed that the meals weren’t quite up to the usual quality whilst she had been saving but that was typical really. She had to work hard at the smile when clearing up the assorted crisp packets and beer cans left all over her lounge by the lads he invited round every Saturday afternoon to watch the match.  She was completely sick of it.  “Oh babes you are just so lovely” he would say, grabbing her round the waist and lifting her into the air.  “You have no idea” she would think to herself smiling.

It’s amazing what can be found on the internet.  It was surprisingly easy with just a few clicks of the mouse to find the contacts she needed to put her plans into action.  She didn’t know she had it in her to be so devious!

“So, tell me again, is the box going to be big enough?”  She asked, nervously pacing the laminated hall floor.  “Don’t you worry love” said the cackling, over friendly man she had found on line “his name is well and truly on it”.  She nearly had a heart attack when he said he would contact her again about the fee – “no! don’t ring here ever. I will transfer the money now”.  Carl must not get wind of this.  Soon the job would be done, there would be no going back and she could relax. I was the last she would see of all the money she had worked so hard to save but it was so going to be worth it.

She thought about the first weekend without him.  No more beer cans crisp packets and pizza boxes to clear up.  Once he was out of her hair, with the extra money in her purse now there was no need to ferret it away anything was possible.  She might watch a film or go into town and have a bit of a pamper session.  It was important not to give the game away now and pretend that everything was as normal.  Sure, she would miss him a bit but she knew it would take no time to get used to it.  He would be in his box and everything was going to be different for her, from then on.

She was careful not to do anything differently that evening but now there was no need to save up she had splashed out on better quality meat and veg for their tea. As usual, he didn’t notice. Then the moment came. “No love, I won”t get the beer in for the lads on Saturday because you won”t be here on Saturday”.  She would never forget that moment. The shock in his eyes when he realised his destiny. His utter flailing confusion -  ”but what…. how…. why?  I don”t understand why you would do this!” he cried, choked.  She smiled at him as he held the certificate in trembling hands. “Because I love you darling.  It’s all yours, for you and your mates for the whole season.  An executive box at the gunners ground”.